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About one kilometer south east there is a viewpoint that you can visit before you reach Bangbao. It gives a beautiful view into the bay and over the fishing village. Directly below is an incredibly beautiful unexplored paradise beach. Perfect for a day trip. Even turtles and dolphins often swim around in the bay of this part of Koh Chang.  To get their just follow the sings for Norvana Resort and keep going along the peninsula until you reach the end of the road.

Before arriving at Bang Bao Pier, the Nirvana resort is clearly displayed on your right. This is a unique place to stay on Koh Chang. After following the road all the way [including Remakr Puzi’s bungalows, the basic backpackers huts in a nicely landscaped garden] you come to Nirvana, they have a saltwater swimming pool by the sea and a rockpool situated in the jungle.

Bangbao, or the Fisherman’s Village, consists for the most part of a pier, but before turning to the right you will see another school and the second oldest Buddhist temple on the island on the left. The street leading to the pier is full of little stalls, dive schools and restaurants. Then you can park with such a famous 7-eleven who cares, park your car or car [nowadays you have to pay 20 Baht to park a scooter]

On the pier

Just a few years ago, Bang Bao was a sleepy fishing village in the south-west of Koh Chang. Today the bear rages, especially in the morning and in the afternoon, when the numerous excursion, diving and speed boats depart from the bay of Bang Bao. On the only two-meter-wide, covered part of the pier, crowds of people are pushing past the numerous sales stalls and seafood restaurants to the boats.

At the stalls and shops of the pier, there are almost everything to buy: souvenirs, clothing, shells and mussels, necklaces, fish, fruit vegetables, coconut oil and wood carvings. In addition, numerous travel agencies and tour operators offer their services, lure juice stalls with delicious fruit shakes, bars with cool drinks and seafood restaurants with fresh fish and other seafood.
Every few meters of the pier, narrow jetties branch off to the houses of the local fishermen, also built on stilts. Here you can watch the men mending their nets and women preparing food.

Unfortunately, there is not much more about the original of the original Pier, formerly home for the fishermen. It consists mainly of souvenir shops and t-shirt shops, which sell much of the same. If you want an original t-shirt then Bangbao shop is worth a visit, about 10 meters after the pier’s start

The first restaurant on the right Ruan Thai is the place for delicious fresh and affordable seafood.  It’s a typical Thai restaurant, over the water, the service is not the best but their dishes and dishes make up for it a lot. If you go all the way to the back of the case, you can also sit on a kind of attached float, from here you have a nice view of fishing boats and the bay.

For the Koh Chang souvenirs, you can definitely visit this pier. Also, you stumble across the dive schools, are you planning to get your path and want to make a good deal there, then use that so many and see what meets your needs.

After about 300 meters of shops and restaurants you come to the actual pier where the various boats lie. If you have a puff the walk to the lighthouse to make a beautiful photo of the view is definitely worth it. Avoid the pier around 09:00 in the morning and 17:00 in the afternoon, then there is a come and go of divers and other people who go on the boats.

Nearby . . .

If you go back to the main road, you’ll still find Tranquility Bay Residence, a condominium where you can pay 6 million Baht to own a luxury apartment with swimming pool and private pier.   These rental apartments are also great for anyone looking for more privacy and space than a normal hotel provides. According to experts, this is one of the better housing projects on the island.

The road then comes along Klong Kloi beach, this is a forgotten beach that was completely abandoned a few years ago. Nowadays there are a number of bars and restaurants and you can use the sun beds and chairs free of charge (as long as you take a drink!) This beach extends after a turn makes it very long. Worth a walk!

When crossing this beach, there is an end to the road, but you can drive another mile or two, after which you end at Grand Lagoona Resort. This resort is accessible only for those with a reservation or if you are willing to pay the 150 baht entrance fee. You will be offered a bicycle for cycling and a drink and snack as welcome. There is an enormous type of ship that serves as a main hotel, this is a lack of glory, where the rust is set. There are also wooden boats that serve as a floating bungalow. Worth the beach, a long strip of sand you do not have to share with almost anyone.

If you have a map on which there is a road that actually goes from Bangbao to Salakphet, this is unfortunately not entirely correct. Years ago, a road was made possible for hikers and mopeds, but this has not yet been completed. The plans to achieve this soon are only when it starts again and how long it will take is not yet known.

Getting to Bangbao

Here you can take you from the ferry and the pier easily by taxi or songthaews. It takes about 45-60 min and costs 120 Baht.

Bangbao Fisherman’s Village
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